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    Siduction 15.1.0 Dev开发版有没有举报皇冠现金的|免费注册

    官方网站:http://siduction.org/ 软件热度: 报告:报告问题

    siduction发行是面向桌面的操作系统及自启动运行介质,它基于Debian GNU/Linux的不稳定分支。它是2011年末从aptosid派生出来的,分别按KDE、LXDE、Xfce桌面提供三种分离的自启动运行介质。该 项目还承诺定期的版本发布、一份开放的开发模式、建立开发者及用户社区的友好关系等。

    元旦快乐。此版本是2016新年siduction最新发布的,这是基于Debian的"不稳定"的一个分支版本,版本到了15.1.0。此发布版本含有Cinnamon, LXQt, MATE (a new addition) 和Xfce 桌面, 不过KDE , GNOME 和LXQt还不是很完善(可能一两天后会发行使用).

    "We present to you today a dev-release at the last possible point in time for this year and inform you of some changes in our release model. siduction is a distribution based on Debian's unstable branch. With a heavy heart we dedicate this release to the memory of the founder of Debian, Ian Murdock, who passed away on December 28, 2015, aged 42. We will try to keep his vision alive. For 2015 we can just release this dev-release, even though we would have liked to do more. Due to the course that Debian Unstable and some desktop environments took over the course of the year, we had no chance to get a release ready with all flavours."